7 New Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

Here we gather some cool and new inventions in 2018. Look at this rundown and discover which one is better for you.


Former Google employee Pierre libo developed a home-based multimedia smart robot that combines several devices at once it has a high-resolution projector another request of the user a device would project a movie or video game onto a wall or on the ceiling.

Keecker is equipped with a powerful audio system which makes it possible to use it as a speaker and in the mornings the robot can move around the house and awaken family members with their favorite music. The device has a 360 degree camera which transmits images from the apartment to remote devices, the main feature of Keecker is the ability to move around as well as recognize the voice commands of family members the robots equipped with a set of sensors which allows it to make a detailed map of a new room in a few minutes, this robot has a price of around two thousand one hundred and eighty-eight dollars.


This gadget developed by Austrian health experts looks like an ordinary insoles, the cork like base cushions your feet while a polyester fiber coating effectively removes and evaporates moisture, however the main difference of this device is inside whether developers placed a conductive layer with sensors and the main unit as well as an accelerometer a GPS module and a battery that feeds the insoles step own tracks activity through the feet working as a fitness tracker.

In addition the device detects posture problems and helps you correct them, the conductive layer is divided into several segments and is capable of assessing the degree of pressure on each of the foot sections and its movements after analyzing the data obtained in the mobile application a foot step model is shown indicating the load on certain areas this can help you determine any problems in the work of the muscular skeletal system.

Stappone also gives recommendations for correcting your posture your manner of walking or the way that you sit. The price of these smart insoles is 230 dollars.



This device will replace your home theater it's a portable 4k projector with a modular design an audio system and a battery, Ntek is able to create a 32 to 360 inch screen with a resolution of 3 840 by 2160 pixels the aluminum tower cylinder has three sections at the base there's a 12 watt stereo with 4 speakers, it's equipped with a battery pack that provides autonomy for up to 8 hours and the top of the gadget is a basic module rotating around its axis with a projector and an Android 7.1 control system external devices can be connected using the USB and HDMI ports or wirelessly thanks to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules you can control playback using both a remote control and the mobile application and you can buy this gadget for $500.



This bicycle will make going to work or to your house a more pleasant activity, Nireeka synchronizes with your smartphone and your SmartWatch tracking your pulse based on this the bike changes the support level helping you to twist the pedals, the frame weighs only 3.3 pounds and the fully equipped bicycle weighs less than 33 pounds is equipped with reliable hydraulic disc brakes shock absorbers for comfortable driving and integrated front and rear lights which turn on automatically, the 500 watt electric motor is powered by an inbuilt battery in the frame and is able to accelerate the bike to 20 miles per hour the power reserve of Nireeka is 50 miles but pedaling can significantly increase it the bike has Bluetooth and GPS modules as well as a built-in siren, it has an anti-theft function and will show its coordinates in case of theft the price of the basic model of this smart electric bike is $800.



In November 2017 Hapt X showed a pair of Hapt X gloves with the same name which resemble an exoskeleton according to the developers this gadget gives you the chance to feel the shape texture and even the temperature of a V object, Hapt X gloves do not allow the hand to pass through the object allowing the user to feel the softness of its surface this is possible thanks to the special development of Hapt X skin which is a surface consisting of hundreds of small air chambers when the hand touches the virtual object these bubbles are inflated putting pressure on the skin like any material object does, the gloves are able to withstand up to five pounds of resistance per finger with motion tracking to the millimeter the cost of the Hat Dex gloves has not yet been announced.



This universal and wireless controller for photo and video cameras allows you to automatically control the movement of the equipment creating panoramic photos with gigapixels an incredible 360 degree images as well as shooting using a timer.

In addition pine can create three-dimensional images automating the photogrammetry process when scanning 3d models with a tri-axial tuning in this case the device not only saves a lot of time but also performs the work accurately and in high resolution thanks to the latest Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 technology pine has a wireless function with a range of up to 330 feet the price of this gadget is five hundred and forty eight dollars.



This is a kitchen robot that can simultaneously perform the functions of cooling and cooking, Suvie uses sous-vide technology which allows it to cook any product while retaining the maximum amounts of vitamins and trace elements the kitchen robotic machine can be controlled through the built-in panel and also with a special mobile application before using the robots you need to place the products in the unit and add water to the inner tank the cooling system in this device works in the same way as a conventional refrigerator but Suvie can cool down the products during an exact amount of time depending on the user's needs the device can accurately calculate the time it needs to prepare all the individual products the first batch of Suvie will be out on November 2018 and the preliminary price of this robotic kitchen is 429 dollars.

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