Top 5 OnePlus 5T Features!

This is one plus five T, it is literally the 2017 eyes version of the one plus 5, now the one plus five just came out in June of this year so it's only a couple months old and one plus is a company that tends to cater to what their fans want that phone had a lot going for it, but it just didn't feel very 2017 with all the other phones coming out but this this now we're talking.

So in case maybe you looked over the oneplus 5 a couple months ago this is their new one maybe you'll consider the One Plus 5T
Top 5 OnePlus 5T Features!

The top five new features of the brand new One Plus 5T 

The display- this is definitely the biggest change literally it's what makes it feel the most like a new, phone it's now a six inch 1080p AMOLED display up front and it gets away closer to every edge so the side bezels are slimmer now and the top and bottom bezels are cut down a lot, obviously that's very 2017.

You already know screen to body ratio matters now and this feels a lot more modern already because of it, now it's still not a quad HD display it's not quite at the level of the highest end flagships in resolution but oneplus also likes to stick with the lower resolution for longer as they have in the name of battery life and performance and 1080p obviously doesn't look bad at all.

If you haven't noticed it is the new longer taller two to one aspect ratio we're seeing on all these 2017 phones, so this one's 2160 by 1080 it's not new to Android, so apps already fill up the display and everything there's no real compatibility problems, but still of course it gives you a bit of bezel when watching videos and things like that, but we're just kind of used to this by now on these screens bottom line is the display is way better it definitely gets really bright so it's viewable outdoors and it has different color modes in the settings including an adjustment slider for color temperature, so they've thought of all this stuf, you're probably not going to be like this though it is an OLED and the display does this weird rain bowing when you get severely off-axis not a huge deal to everyone but I can already see this awkwardly making some headlines.

The design- we have definitely seen this industrial unibody metal-look before there are some champers and some light curves but overall is the shape we're familiar with it resembles its little brother a lot, but there are a couple of changes obviously with this nearly edge-to-edge display of course on the front there is no longer any room for that fingerprint sensor that they've always put up there, so this is the first one plus phone to move it to the back and they have put it in what I'd consider the correct place on the back which is just above the middle not too high, not too low just right about where your finger rests naturally.

It's still ceramic it's still extremely fast still just as secure, but it's on the back now like where it's been with the pixel and the v30 and others nice and something else that's usually pretty underrated with smartphones is good buttons in fact we usually don't really talk about them at all unless they're loose bad buttons, so if you ever need to mention that the 1 + 5 t has exceptionally good really clicky convincing crisp tactile buttons, I like that about and another thing oneplus has never officially said that the 5 T or the 5 is officially water resistant or waterproof but I've seen some videos on YouTube where the 5 holds up pretty well to some minor splashing so that could be a nice bonus to something you usually don't hear about with this industrial design.

The cameras- the oneplus 5 already had dual cameras it had a main camera and a two times telephoto lens on the back pretty standard set up from what we've seen, but this time they've decided to do some things a little different, this time it's the same 16 megapixel main camera as the one plus 5 but instead of a second telephoto lens it's another normal range camera same focal length 20 megapixels but with an F1.7 lens focused on low-light photography.

Here's the thing about that the main camera is already an F 1.7 lens and it's less pixels so they're bigger pixels so you would think that's also better for low-light, so how exactly is this second camera better for low-light well one plus is that the 5 T in low-light so under 10 Lux will switch automatically to that second camera and use something called “intelligent pixel technology” which merges four pixels into one to reduce noise and enhance clarity in low-light I can't find a better explanation what oneplus says I'm not sure if it's Hardware specific I would love to know exactly how it works but at this point we just kind of trust it I hope it works the way they say it does.

There's also still portrait mode in these cameras using all software to create a blur around your subjects since you don't have a telephoto lens anymore it's kind of like what the pixel two is doing this will have clear zoom and pro mode and all the other stuff oneplus has been doing in the camera for years so that's good to see but yeah an interesting little shake-up in the camera department.

Facial recognition- there's not a whole lot of information about this available but from what I can tell you from my first impressionsm, it is insanely fast at 5-10 times faster than face ID on the iPhone it's ridiculous.

So you can hit the power button to wake up the phone and basically turn it towards you as soon as it sees your face it unlocks no animation or anything just open immediately and then even if you're already looking at your phone when you take it out your pocket and you press the power button to wake it just goes straight to your home screen it doesn't even pause for a second on your lock screen to look at you which it's crazy fast it could actually get annoying if you just wanted to check your notifications so obviously it's brand new and this isn't a full review I will definitely have to do some more testing to figure out if this is the real deal, but my first thought is how can this be so fast and also be just as secure not really sure yet but either way it's really interesting to see some phone makers already start to play around with more facial recognition stuff now that Apple of course is so committed to it with iPhone 10.

The stuff they didn't change- one plus five like I said already was a pretty great phone for the price they're really hell-bent on being a good phone for the price, so they kept a lot of those same things in the oneplus 5T.

They kept the headphone jack that's something a lot of enthusiasts refuse to let die, so this is one of your few phones left rocking it this year.

They kept the alert  slider on the side again, I mean if you've used one Plus phones for a while you kind of just get used to having this and switching between modes on-the-fly.

They kept oxygen OS which is the ROM that's always been pretty close to stock Android with a few added features on top still has that shelf to the side of the home screen and those gestures for screen off that you can draw on the screen just overall a familiar experience for oneplus users right now it's on top of Android 7.1.1, but I expect that it'll get updated to Oreo sooner than later.

It kept the same specs internally as a one plus five so still the snapdragon 835 chip and either 64 with six gigs of ram or 128 with a gigs of ram.

No wireless charging still but they kept - charging kept reader mode and most importantly of all it's keeping around that same price it's starting at $499 which is very clearly undercutting a lot of the higher-end flagships we've seen in the last couple months so this might be the one.

One plus 5 felt a little outdated this 5T feels very 2017 and still cost less than a lot of the others out there not bad let me know what you guys think.

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