Bixby Speaker Impressions!

I'm sure you've already been aware that the smart speaker market has been heating up a lot over the past couple months and year and a half, so we got Google assistant in the form of Google home in that smart speaker and we have got Siri's smart assistant in a home pod, but today we have a bit of an exclusive, our first look at samsung smart assistant in the form of a Bixby home.
Bixby Speaker Impressions!

The Bixby smart speaker so we're going to give it a shot we already know I mean Samsung's been doing great with hardware especially on their phones we kind of just give them that they're top-notch, but it's the software where we start to have some questions you know Bixby you probably saw that virtual assistant comparison video didn't do so hot, but it's been a couple months there's been some updates so let's give this another shot.

The Bixby box is pretty simple pretty inviting I feel like in this day and age if you're going to be putting a smart speaker in someone's house you kind of have to make it inviting to not have them freak out about it, but if we take it out it looks pretty good we got some Bixby blue these blue accents but uh it's nice and dense, it's weighted it's pretty clean honestly, it looks like a pretty good smart speaker.

There's buttons at the top and they're blue I guess there's no screen kind of like Google assistant or home pod they all have that little screen at the top but you don't really use that when you're across the room so I'm not taking points off for that so we've got to get past this beautiful hardware and see if Bixby is all about it because that's what makes or breaks a smart speaker if the assistant actually does its job.

So basically we know there's a long list of things that can probably do like set a timer look up information on Google, we kind of wanted to be able to do also the more novel things like answering more random questions Google uses the knowledge graph.

Bixby home can still redeem itself as a legitimate smart speaker because it's still able to answer questions right, so I have a press release from Samsung here says “they've interestingly built in a fail-safe to make sure it definitely answers complex questions” which I mean that's what it comes down to we're asking a jokes and stuff but it can still save.

I'm trying to figure out if it's really a smart speaker like if there's anything this does better than home pod or Google assistant that would be great I think the one thing Samsung mentioned is it has a removable cable which you know that's good.

They wanted to make it a little more portable than Google home and home pod so if you manage to remove the speaker correctly it has built-in battery and they push the limits with this battery it's going to be sitting around on a countertop for a lot so they said they put in a 60000 mah battery which is pretty massive pushing the limits for a small form-factor like this.

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