The Amazing Dual Screen Zenbook Pro

This is a display where you would normally have a trackpad on a laptop. This is the new Zen Book Pro is worth taking a look at. Let's look at a couple of quick specs over here. You X5 at Zen book pro 15, that is configurably with different stuff on that screen video, calculator, player controls. It's also packing a GTA 510 50 some Thunderbolt three two dual 4k video output that is good, 4.1 pounds and it's a 15 inch display also going to feature Intel Core i nine processors.

Dual Screen Zenbook Pro

Zen Book Pro, spiral metallic look to it, here is the laptop itself some power for it, cable ties, nice touch dc in HDMI, thunderbolt three, couple of standard USB, micro SD, microphones jack so no shortage of ports here, they know you guys want ports.

It’s fairly slender when it's powered off this trackpad, he just looks like any other trackpad and clicks like any other trackpad, Chiclets style this looks like a fingerprint scanner over here, that's a multi touch display, by the way so you could actually reach up and touch this thing.
trackpad display

What is the resolution of this display? I rely on will for the feeds and speeds, it’s a 4k display. We can go from screen pad mode to extension display traditional touchpad or disabled, so let's try screen pad mode. I can interact with this via touch like that, little multimedia for you that are kind of useful.

You look futuristic with this, It's a launcher for various apps some Quick Toggles who I like this if I go to settings here I can quickly toggle brightness, I can set the wallpaper for it, now if I go back to my hotkey here and switch over to extension display that is crazy, that's an actual secondary display for whatever I want touch capable from the computer monitor.

It still works as a trackpad which is so bizarre browser over here, I could be looking at whatever I want and then down below I got a video playing that's a screen in the trackpad, I'm going to switch back to the screen pad mode this mode I think is where it's in the wheelhouse now there's another thing you can do as well you could sync up your smartphone to have it represented in this location so you could quickly toggle things that are happening on your smartphone in this spot so wireless type of sync, it can wireless sync to a smartphone so that's another option.

They say that the speakers they said they are amazing, screen looks really nice speakers they're leaving little could be desired. It could be a little bit louder. There's a thump to it because of the way the speakers are firing. They're hitting the table apparently there's also going to be an SDK release so that app developers can develop specifically for this touchpad.

I know there's going to be those of you out there in the crowd, you're always out there, you're skeptical and you don't look good for you because you should be. Is this a gimmick? Lou for the record, that's kind of what thought going into it. But with this particular development, you don't necessarily need to use it as a screen. Like, you don't need to use it to display video. You can use it as a regular trackpad. But some of these little implementations, particularly the multimedia one, I can see using that on a fairly frequent basis. Take full advantage of them. You probably want to have a mouse on the side. I'm interested to see how other developers attack this real estate, different tools down there for various editing software. Could you put Photoshop down there? I don't really know. As of right now it's a cool thing to look at.

There it is the new Zen Book Pro. The first laptop I've ever looked at with a screen where the trackpad is that still works and functions as a pretty little trackpad, very cool and ambitious and I like that.

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