The Mind Blowing ROG Gaming Smartphone

I've got something unusual in front of me it's a prototype it's a smartphone in one of the most unique boxes that I've ever seen it's the ROG phone join the Republic it is a gaming phone gaming phones are becoming a thing and this is a very interesting one but remember front of me right now is a prototype nonetheless this is worth checking out.
ROG Gaming Smartphone

Let's open up this really unique box check this out this is the fingerprint scanner which is I've never seen one with that shape on it before type C, headphone jack a docking connector it's also got this interesting adapter on the inside and it gives you a headphone jack as well as a type-c connector so when you're playing your chords are going down, type C cables braided a power brick.
ROG Gaming Smartphone fingerprint reader

Let's get some quick info on this thing optimized Adreno graphics, AR core support, ultra-fast gigabit LTE, innovative game cool system for 40% more power input, 3d vapor chamber cooling technology in copper heat spreader, course has got Qualcomm Snapdragon inside 90 Hertz refresh rate but it doesn't end there the way this is going to work is that you're going to buy this accessory with this pre-installed on the bottom it's not a secondary phone you're not going to pull pop it out and use it as a phone tactile controls as well as well as an SD card slot.

The desktop duck look robust, this desktop dock is this is going to turn your gaming phone practically into a desktop computer it'll dock in here like this and then give you access to an enormous number of ports this is wild, SD, micro SD, DisplayPort USB C, 4 USB, Ethernet another display 4 HDMI and audio jacks what maybe this can become the horse power for someone gaming experience even at a desk it's a wild thought with a dock like this it is possible.

The device I've got it set up now you can see screen is turned on couple of forward facing speakers front facing camera they're cameras on the back dual, this is kind of interesting here this logo it lights up its RGB if you go to Game Center get a bunch of details about what's happening with your phone, it gives you the temperature and also the clock speed is CPU GPU and so on you can actually adjust the fan speed of the device manually also,, so this is the aura software and it allows you to customize that RGB light on the back you can do everything from a color cycle to static breathing, strobing and so on it's a 90 Hertz display also AMOLED so it kind of fits somewhere between you know a galaxy S9 and something like the razor phone so you get some gaming improvements now.

Probably the coolest feature on this device have these things on the top called air triggers this software that allows you to map each one of these to those locations of the display so that you can interact with a mobile game in a similar fashion to what you would do on a console, so a lot of this is controlled through this game genie button for speeding the system up using your air triggers doing key mapping that's right you can actually connect this device to a dock and then use a keyboard and mouse to play mobile games which you probably think is crazy, but in many parts of the world mobile gaming is taking off it's becoming the most prevalent platform for gaming in general and so now all of a sudden as these devices improve from a performance standpoint there's a reason to take advantage of features like that on mobile, it goes even deeper than that you can go live from here you can do display scaling you can record your gameplay this is an actual functioning fan which will cool down your device allowing it to perform better over longer periods.

The RGB it carries through onto this adapter you can actually hear the fan and again because this thing can increase performance the phone won't need to throttle its performance if it can stay cooler this is the insanity this is not something I ever expected to see this screen on the bottom and the physical kind of contraption it's a control this is just a display on the bottom with a built-in battery 6000 milliamp hours to provide power to your phone which lives on the top so the phone can be extracted from here and inserted you can actually do two different things on each of the two displays maybe in the future one thing on both once developers get access to this particular device.

Right now the setup is a game on the bottom and then twitch on the top the ability to stream mobile gaming on Twitch with chat in one pocketable little situation an SD card slot I don't know store some movies whatever you like a type-c connector to keep the whole thing charged have youtube or a web browser open on the top display and then anything else on the bottom one it's basically multitasking on your smartphone with a dual display setup.

How about this mobile gaming on a PC style setup with a mouse and keyboard, the precision of the mouse and the keyboard together so you could have this little dock next to a TV next to your computer setup of course it has all the peripherals connected the dock is multifunctional.

The wireless video receiver which is going to take transmission from the device and then pump out an HDMI signal so this is the last piece dongle setup type see a major solution for competitive gamers on mobile because you have the landscape port you have this one you play like this look no interference at all and then your other connections come down here to the dongle itself, this is now the living-room scenario where alongside that wireless dock that I mentioned before the wireless receiver now becomes a sort of makeshift console where I could leave that tactile controls shoulder buttons and it's all happening on this big 65 inch display of course this display could be any size that you want, as mobile games continue to improve get better be dominant games like fortnight pub G I named them I think the demand for this type of hardware it kind of goes up alongside the improvement of the software so maybe not now, but definitely not never.

The ROG phone the latest in the realm of gaming phones and possibly probably the most fleshed out from an ecosystem perspective it's modular it can do a lot of different things and it's finally starting to make the case for why these gaming phones should exist and who they might exist for.

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