Vivo NEX S Impressions: Truly Bezelless?

The vivo apex concept phone we saw a couple of weeks ago at the trade show, it was a concept phone meaning it's never going to go on sale they only made a couple it's more like a working prototype but it was a vision or this idea of technologies that could come to eventually be more affordable, but sure enough a couple weeks later vivo said wait hold that thought we're actually going to make a real phone that we're going to go on sale with that's just almost there, it has a lot of the same technologies from that concept phone that's going to be brought down into something that we can actually sell, so that's how we got the VIVO NEX.
Vivo NEX bezelless

I would consider this the closest thing we have to an actual bezel-less phone right now, so just opening up the box and looking at it for the first time it is pretty striking this is that notch-less phone people have been clamoring for and honestly the phone I've been wanting the feature to bring since we started getting notches in the first place.

The Vivo NEX happens to be a six point six inch 1080p Super AMOLED display and it's a little taller than 16 by 9, it's 19.3 by 9 has these well rounded corners that we're seeing in every phone now and with these super thin bezels you end up with a 91.24 percent screen to body ratio, so cracking that holy grail 90 percent number, highest I've seen in a real phone. I think it's pretty sick it does have the looks it's not perfect but the top bezel is tiny the side bezels are about the same as what we see in a lot of other phones now and then a little bit more of a chin than the concept phone, you get about a five millimeter chin at the bottom looks pretty similar to what we have in like a Oneplus six maybe even a little bit smaller than that, but I have no problems holding it even though it's a huge display my hand doesn't really touch the edges but if it does the accidental touch rejection is on point this is truly the most screen we have in any phone, but that actually brings us to the question what about all the stuff that's normally on the front of the phone:

  • What about the front facing sensors? 
  • What about the stuff that's normally in the notch? 

That's where you get those apex concept phone technologies trickling down in the VIVO NEX.

1. Fingerprint sensor- this is the under glass fingerprint reader that I've tested to the max in a previous article same deal here no fingerprint reader anywhere else on this phone is just under the glass at the front with all the pros and cons that come with that in 2018, so you know a little slower a little more finicky but definitely cleverly hidden for this concept.
Vivo NEX Under Glass Fingerprint

2. Front-facing camera- this one is actually hidden just like the apex concept phone it's in this mechanically retracting chassis that slides up and down whenever it's needed and makes noise in the process, but you can actually choose between three artificial noises you can pick your favorite or you can just leave it silent, so that that that's the front-facing camera that's what happens every time you want to take a selfie every time snapchat opens every time you want to do an Instagram live all that, the concern naturally with this is that it's a moving part phones normally don't have moving parts so normally completely solid-state for things like waterproofing and durability that kind of stuff here is probably a little bit questionable you know if you drop this while the camera is out does it just snap off you know something happens in your pocket it gets scratched, what if the app freezes or the mechanism fails, what if someone pushes back against it all that stuff of course has probably been tested by the Vivo but you never really know what might happen in real life and I got to be honest I wasn't even expecting the camera to be that great, but it looks pretty good on the phone like it isn't a phone that's going to be coming to the US as far as I can tell it's just China but there's a lot more to this phone than just the design and the rest is pretty solid too.
Vivo NEX Sliding front camera

3. Specification- the Vivo Nex has snapdragon 845 inside, 8GB Ram, 256 GB of storage and a 4000 milliamp hour battery, it's like everything you wanted to be, seems like a pretty quality pair of dual cameras on the back its 12 megapixel primary and 5 megapixels and they're in this super shiny rainbow reflective metallic type of material they actually named Holographic diffraction dynamic color illusion technology, it still has a headphone jack it is a dual SIM card tray at the bottom as well it has this AI button.
Vivo NEX backview

Vivo software is pretty specific like it's not my cup of tea it's not for this market obviously so a lot of stuff isn't even English here but overall like I said it's a real honest flagship and I'd love to see them actually try to make and sell a US version 100%, but yeah let me know if this is this the future we asked for is this how bad we hate the notch that we're willing to go to mechanical moving parts to get rid of it hit me with those comments let me know what you think.

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