This is the Google Pixel 3 XL

Many of you guys know the Pixel 2XL was probably my favorite device of the previous generation, I've got it in front of me here I even used more than one version of it, this is the black one I also used the Panda version, a lot of it came down to this camera on the back, the stock Android experience that exists, no skin, no mod, all the way into the settings menu I wish this thing was a bit cheaper, I wish it had a headphone jack, but nonetheless I loved this phone.

So that brings me to today I happen upon this article latest pixel 3 leaks showing off the notch, and of course this matters to me tremendously because of how much of a fan of the pixel 2 XL I was, based on that headline you can tell this new device is going to have a notch maybe there'll be a way to turn it off, it's a pretty big notch.
Google Pixel 3 XL

It comes down a little further it's a little taller of a notch it's not going to be for everyone at first glance you look at it you're kind of like man it's not the best looking thing and why would Google have to adopt the notch in the first place and if they chose to why does it have to be so big, so tall, well I'm speculating that the reason for it is to protect the stereo speaker some of the best clearest speakers of the previous gen flagship smartphones firing directly at your left and right ear canal, so maybe that top part of the notch there exists to deliver audio, we can create a justification for having it I still don't think I'm ever going to be a fan of the notch, if I can turn them off I turn them off if you can turn it off that's going to be a fat bezel on the top, this will be interesting to see how this lines up but there's some other cool stuff about this particularly from this Russian guy Khoroshev he's claiming to have used the new camera for some sample shots on his Instagram maybe get a sense for the eventual performance of this Pixel 3.

I think many of you myself included are going to be watching that camera closely take you with a grain of salt because it could be pre-release software which certainly is subject to change.
The next thing which I'm really excited for is a short little video clip he shows the purported pixel 3 wirelessly charging thank goodness, people get mad at me for this for constantly talking about wireless charging as if it's this big deal because yes it is slower but men once you're in the ecosystem once you're in the wireless universe you start to notice you start to slap it down beside your bed and get used to it so since I use so many different smartphones I get really used to having that feature then when I give it up switching over to another one as I do so frequently I kind of miss it, with the pixel 2 XL I still missed it pixel 3 looks like it's going to have it, so another image posted shows the back of the device the camera layout looks similar you still have a single and system so it looks like Google is going to be leaning on software once again and then the last image here is about the accessories that are also in the box.

I mean I'm not sure what I really hoped for here maybe a resurgence of the headphone jack but based on the adapter that looks like it will come in the box that's likely not going to happen though the type-c earbuds do look like a potential upgrade, but if the fit is similar to what it was on the pixel buds the wireless upgraded version of Google headphones and then I'm not too excited because I actually didn't like those headphones very much at all, anyhow there you have it we have a very clear image now of this pixel 3.

I think this stuff is legit it really legit at this point and now the question goes to you guys is this device worth waiting for? Are you going to sit around hold off on your next smartphone purchase in anticipation of the pixel 3 or has this leaked have these images of the device and these findings pushed you in the other direction are you like man that notch it's just too big is too ugly, I can't look at it maybe your confidence is shattered I don't know where I stand yet I'm definitely going to use it, I wish it didn't have the notch but I said that before I know it's probably getting old at this point. Hopefully the camera can make up for it the displays going to be another big thing and maybe if the sound coming out of it is amazing because of the notch because there's a speaker hidden in there with some great volume and maybe I can make the justification time will tell this thing's coming out soon and I'm going to have an unboxing video and I'm also going to use it for an extensive period of time so make sure to stick around for that anyhow pixel 3 we now know more than we knew before.   

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