The best Fitbits to buy in 2019: Which is best for you?

So you've chosen you need a Fitbit. The way things are, you have the decision of an entire cluster of trackers and wellness focussed smartwatches, which all interface with the Fitbit application, work with iPhone and Android telephones and spread the nuts and bolts of action and rest following.

Where they contrast is on configuration, cost and highlights, for example, pulse observing, waterproofing, contactless smartwatch installments and implicit GPS. So which Fitbit is directly for you relies upon whether you're searching for a buddy for strolling, running, swimming or exercise center exercises. Basically, the less expensive the gadget, the less highlights you'll get yet it's not generally that straightforward.

Do you do what's needed changed types of wellness to warrant sprinkling out for a Versa? Maybe you're preparing towards a noteworthy objective that requires the all-singing, all-moving Ionic? Or on the other hand possibly you only here and there exercise and need something somewhat calm to wear regular, for example, the Fitbit Alta HR, for when you do hit the rec center?

Whatever it is, this Fitbit purchasers guide will enable you to limit things down in your basic leadership process. Peruse on to discover which Fitbit is the best for you.

WIRED Recommends is your complete manual for the best things to purchase. Peruse the WIRED Recommends manual for the best devices and rigging for our top picks in each class.

WIRED Recommends: Fitbit Alta HR

Masters: Great battery life; polished; dependable; incredible Fitbit application

Cons: Not waterproof; not as highlight rich as different Fitbits

Intended to look more like a wristband than a tracker, the Fitbit Alta HR, our present best wellness tracker, is accessible in six shading ways from downplayed dark to pink and rose gold, with uncommon releases and adornment groups which are accessible to purchase independently. Plan shrewd, it's smooth, lightweight and excessively agreeable, not occupying a lot of wrist room.

As far as highlights, the Alta HR release brings locally available new pulse following aptitudes contrasted with its ancestor, which help make it a considerably more balanced wellness sidekick for those looking past a straightforward advance check. There's the choice to follow steps, calories, rest – including to what extent you spend in the diverse rest states, for example, light, profound and REM – programmed exercise following and even the capacity to get cell phone notices.

The Alta HR is hence an extraordinary gadget for those hoping to create and keep up an essential dimension of wellness as opposed to endeavoring towards a huge wellness objective, similar to a marathon, for instance. Concerning battery life, it's formally as long as seven days yet we find this can be anyplace between four days and seven days. The main genuine drawback? It's not waterproof.

A purchaser's guide note: Fitbit is by all accounts eliminating the Alta HR - on the off chance that you go to get it on the UK site, it as of now diverts to the Inspire and Inspire HR. It is still discounted from various retailers, however, and remains our top pick.

Cost: From £80 | Check cost on Amazon | Argos

Best for running: Fitbit Ionic

Masters: Beautiful shading show; worked in GPS; agreeable; not too bad battery life

Cons: Expensive; blocky plan

With a retail cost of £299, the Ionic is the most costly Fitbit out there. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you care less about style and increasingly about execution, we figure it justifies the more expensive rate, which has descended from dispatch.

Not exclusively is it extremely agreeable to wear, however the Ionic is overflowing with highlights that make it splendid for working out, running or preparing for an occasion, for example, installed GPS to precisely follow runs and water protection from 50m for swim following. It likewise packs heaps of capacities that aren't so wellness centered, for example, NFC installments by means of the Fitbit Pay application, and 2.5GB of capacity for music (300 tunes) and digital recordings, all of which work a treat.

Concerning the exceptionally significant battery life, the Ionic holds up entirely well, particularly contrasted with its real opponents like the Apple Watch Series 4. Clearly, it's reliant on the amount you utilize its 1.42-inch screen consistently yet we were fairly awed with its stamina. By and large, while finishing one to two exercises for every day, the Ionic kept going barely shy of three days.

With everything taken into account, in case you're searching for a wearable to follow your wellbeing however, the Ionic is an extraordinary expansion to any exercise. Non-wellbeing nuts searching for a smartwatch as an augmentation of their cell phones would presumably get the same amount of out of the Fitbit Versa.

Cost: £250 | Check cost on Amazon | Argos | Very


The Fitbit Ionic is down extensively on its unique RRP to £215 on Amazon and £185 on Argos. In the mean time, you can shave £10 off a Fitbit Charge 3 - as of now £120 on Amazon - and the Versa (not the Versa Lite) can be grabbed for £155 from Amazon, Currys and Argos.

Best for swimming: Fitbit Charge 3

Masters: Big screen for such a little; lightweight gadget; waterproof

Cons: No locally available GPS; monochrome screen

Like the Ionic, the Charge 3 is water impervious to 50m and it's our decision to take to the pool. The tracker configuration is conservative, lightweight and harmless in addition to the watch lash band is agreeable as well.

The primary contrast between the Charge 3 and the smartwatch-style gadgets on this rundown is its 38mm monochromatic screen. It completes a not too bad occupation at showing data plainly in spite of its little size, and even in splendid situations.

And keeping in mind that it isn't as convincing to see when contrasted with some full-shading rivals, it ensures battery channel is kept to a base. You'll discover the Charge 3 goes on for simply under seven days with practically consistent use, which is entirely useful for any games following wearable, in our book. That is mostly in light of the fact that there's no installed GPS.

What makes the Fitbit Charge 3 worth considering is that it's putting forth extremely incredible, premium wellness following highlights, bundled rather pleasantly with a well-planned application, for just shy of £130. You can't grumble about that.

Cost: From £130 | Check cost on Amazon | Argos | Very

Best wellness smartwatch: Fitbit Versa

Geniuses: Lightweight, open plan; moderately low cost

Cons: No GPS; better battery life somewhere else

While its list of capabilities isn't exactly comparable to that of the Ionic, Fitbit's Versa feels especially a comparative wellness watch in a lighter and friendlier structure - just with milder, increasingly adjusted edges.

It likewise brings a reasonable and brilliant screen, with some fun tenderfoot cordial movements, and contact directions are responsive. There's no slack here. You additionally get Fitbit's improved pulse sensor, cell phone notices on the bigger 1.34-inch screen, and all the standard application and following contributions you'd anticipate from a Fitbit tracker.

The Versa isn't exactly as amazing on battery as the Ionic - being used, however, we found that it weds up to Fitbit's case of four days - and GPS is missing as well.

What makes the Versa extremely exceptional is that you can get some extremely incredible, natural wellness following highlights for just shy of £200. Fundamentally, it's an incredible alternative for those that truly needed the Ionic however thought it was only that bit too expensive to even think about justifying it.

Additionally consider: Those considering the Versa ought to likewise take note of there's a Versa Special Edition, which is £20 additional and includes Fitbit Pay similarity.

Cost: From £200 | Check cost on Amazon | Argos | Very

Best extra large screen on a spending limit: Fitbit Versa Lite

Stars: Streamlined usefulness; improved programming; better cost

Cons: Small update from Versa; no swim following

The Versa Lite is basically only a clone of the first Versa smartwatch, yet with a somewhat streamlined structure and a couple of changes all over.

While the first Versa and Versa Special Edition have three catches (one on their left side and two to their right side), the Lite release just has one. What's more, you're not really losing any usefulness, however, as you can play out similar activities utilizing the Lite's touchscreen controls. Its interface is likewise a little smoother, and simpler to use, thus.

The other fundamental contrast is that the Lite is likewise accessible in four new hues: white, lilac, blue, and purple. Within, you'll locate the Lite version does exclude NFC, which means you can't utilize Fitbit Pay, and there's no swim following here either, yet it's £50 less expensive for your inconveniences - at any rate.

Fitbit is pitching the Versa Lite at individuals who are reluctant to purchase increasingly costly, completely highlighted smartwatches and this truly open smartwatch hits a specific sweet spot.

Cost: £150 | Check cost on Amazon | Argos | Very

The spending elective: Fitbit Inspire HR

Professionals: Light; swimproof; does the fundamentals well

Cons: Lags behind Alta HR in a few regions

We said Fitbit is eliminating the incredible Alta HR and it's the Inspire HR that is supplanting it.

Both are light, simple to utilize all-round wellness trackers yet the Inspire HR isn't our present pick fundamentally down to the new structure and screen which we believe are a slight advance in reverse. It's not exactly as agreeable as the Alta HR on the wrist, the showcase isn't the most responsive you can jump on a Fitbit and it looks shabbier and more toy-like as well. Battery life is additionally as long as five days, as opposed to seven.

All things considered, there are a few upgrades. It's waterproof, for a certain something, and a few people, for example, more seasoned wellness addicts, may value the reality there's a catch on the left hand edge to use for route close by swiping. There's every minute of every day pulse following which makes for valuable resting pulse graphs in the application after some time - there's additionally a less expensive form without the pulse screen in case you're content with steps and rest following.

The Inspire HR appears to as of now be Fitbit's go-to tracker under £100 and keeping in mind that it merits a look, as long as the Alta HR is accessible, that ought to be your first pick.

Cost: £90 | Check cost on Amazon | Argos | Very

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