Oral B Genius X - This is how an AI toothbrush feels like

Even the best electric toothbrush will not help if you do not use it regularly, for a long enough time and with the right brushing technique.

As part of my job, I meet all sorts of people. On the most stressful day of the Mobile World Congress (on the press day before the start of the show), I was having dinner with two periodontists. Their job is to educate dentists on the latest developments in dentistry and show them how to best teach patients how to brush their teeth. The two joked that none of their patients was able to brush their teeth properly.

Few of us have probably learned how to brush your teeth properly. When I think back, I was still a kid when someone last taught me something about dental hygiene. My dentist has given me some useful tips here and there, but such advice quickly falls into oblivion or is misapplied at home.

In recent years, electric toothbrushes have become quite intelligent. And many of them are now equipped with features that help users with teeth cleaning - like a dentist for your own bathroom.

Those who brush their teeth better usually benefit from better dental health and therefore rarely have to undergo painful and expensive dental treatment. Dental flossing is also associated with longer life expectancy - good dental hygiene is obviously an important issue.

Sensors and electronics in the grip of the toothbrushes can communicate via Bluetooth with a smartphone app. It is able to interpret the collected data and present it in a meaningful and informative way.

So, if you brush your teeth regularly, you can see which places you often overlook, whether you're using the wrong brushing technique, and whether you've been cleaning long enough.

Oral-B has been offering Bluetooth-enabled products for some time and even has the widest range of Bluetooth toothbrushes.

According to Oral-B, the AI-driven successor to the Genius 9000, the Genius X, should know more about cleaning methods than any human on this planet!

Based on the data collected by existing users of Bluetooth toothbrushes, the Genius X is able to identify different brushing techniques and give you tips for better dental care.

The Genius X's AI has been trained with thousands of brushing techniques to recognize your own individual method. In addition, it can identify deviations from the best brushing techniques and give you advice for better dental care. The toothbrush can track exactly where you've been cleaning and will show you exactly which parts you missed.
The idea behind it is that you always brush your teeth properly with the Genius X - without any great effort and regardless of your individual brushing method.
The most interesting part of my dinner was the hardware test of the Genius X - followed by the moment when I was told that flossing is only for uncivilized people who do not care about their gums.

Toothbrushes are apparently a much better alternative. The test was the same as a smartphone hands-on by me. First, they turned on the brush and checked how it feels on the skin, and the pressure on the brush head causes the warning light to light up.

Although I did not clean my teeth for hygiene reasons but only for the video (the app could confirm that I had not cleaned properly), my teeth felt incredibly clean!

The future vision of Oral-B provides for a holistic approach to the topic of wellness. To learn more, you can watch my video above.
The toothbrush will be available in different colors, including white, black, purple and rose gold. Anthracite gray - the exclusive color variant for Amazon - looks particularly stylish. The toothbrush can be charged via the unique case, which also has a USB port, so you can charge your smartphone at the same time. This is especially useful for hotel rooms, where the sockets are in short supply.

I should point out that my parents found this MWC report by far the most interesting, not the Huawei Mate X or all the 5G nonsense. It seems to be very important to them that AI technology is part of my dental hygiene, as admittedly regular visits to the dentist are not really my strength.

The Oral-B Geniux X is scheduled to be launched in the fall. Details about the price are not available yet.

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